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A multi-disciplinary Internet web designer, studying and specializing in all areas of development. I love the connection with the long.


Academic Studies

2010 - 2014
The Open University of Israel Logo

BA in Business Administration with honors, The Open University of Israel

BA in Management, Infrastructure and Duties studies in various fields of management, such as marketing, advertising management, organizational behavior, finance, accounting and technology management.

A diverse curriculum - acquiring learning and knowledge skills in areas such as marketing, finance, advertising, strategic management and more.

  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Strategic Management
  • Introduction to Economics
2007 / 2010
TILTAN - College of Design and Visual Communication - Israel - LOGO

Graduate of the three-year track of design studies specializing in internet and animation, TILTAN - College of Design and Visual Communication - Israel

Graphic design and Internet studies. Design elements, graphic thinking, advertising design, art planning, printing and more.

Graduate of the three-year course at Tlatan College - during the course of my studies I acquired knowledge and skills in various design fields and was even chosen to represent the college in a student delegation to the Design University in Mannheim, Germany.

  • Design basics
  • Typography
  • Graphical thinking
  • Concept designing
  • HTML / CSS programming


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Web Design & Front End Web Development Tracks

Built-in Treehouse traks about - Web design and client-side development.

A variety of up-to-date courses on a structured track, on code issues, web design and development. Typography, responsive design, client-side development, and more.

  • HTML & CSS
  • Responsive Design
  • FLEXBOX Layout, SVG, Sass
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Jquery
  • Website Optimization

Learn to Program: The Fundamentals - University of Toronto

A two-month course at COURSERA - an online courses from top universities in the world.

Comprehensive course on programming basics and writing code. The course included exercises and an online final exam.

  • Python, Variables, and Functions
  • Strings and Designing Functions
  • For Loops, if Statements
לוגו - האוניברסיטה הפתוחה

Introduction to Computer Science Using Java

The course serves as an introduction to Computer Science and programming. It deals with basic issues in Computer Science, problem solving, writing and analyzing algorithms, and programming principles.

The programming paradigm is Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and the language used is Java.

  • Basics of the Java programming language
  • objects, classes, methods
  • conditionals and loops; Arrays; Expanding on OOP
2015 - Today

Designer / Freelancer developer

Graphic design, web design, web development and interfaces in an independent framework ..

Providing design and development services to a variety of clients in various fields. Providing ongoing solutions for customers in graphic services, site maintenance, site design and on-demand systems and characterization documents. Regular work with programmers and marketing managers.

  • Web design and interfaces based on template or custom design
  • Preparing design files for programming and working with developers
  • Print design
  • Webflow
  • Design of banners and graphics for Facebook
2013 / 2015

UI & UX Designer, Applife

Designer interfaces and image sites, store sites, portfolio sites, blog and more.

Boutique israeli design company. During my work I designed dozens of sites based on template or personal and custom design on demand and characterization. Complementary design of various advertising materials for Google Adwords and Facebook.

  • Web design
  • Photoshop for web design
  • Print design
  • Invision
2012 / 2013

Interactive Designer, Digital Advertising Office - Twisted

Facebook design, banners, advertising campaigns

Interactive designer in an israeli advertising agency wins advertising awards, specializing in digital advertising. During the period I produced and designed banners and complementary materials for leading sites in the field. Regular work with clients such as Clalit, Bizportal, HOT and more, and with leading media such as Ynet, NRG, Tapuz and more.

  • Flash banners
  • Facebook Campaigns
  • Landing pages and newsletters
  • Interactive design
  • Producing online advertising campaigns and working with the leading media in Israel
2010 / 2012

Graphic Designer, Barazani Levi (Currently True)

Graphic designer

A leading advertising agency specializing in creative, strategy and media. During my work I designed and produced print products for leading customers, among others, Gregg Coffee, the Ministry of Transportation and more, based on existing graphics or design on demand. Design and customization of sizes for advertisements and printed matter such as brochures, flyers, invitations, presentations, rolamps and more.

  • Design for print
  • Presentations
  • Technical tasks (Ads sizes adaptations, text corrections, etc.)
  • Design ads and flyers

UI & UX Designer

Web design at the highest level

No matter how you choose to build your site the design and user experience will be important factors in its success. A clean and modern web design with a comfortable structure for the user combined with professional images and implementation of your brand language will make your website look professional and up to date in years to come.


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