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innovative Framework for creating responsive lightweight sites and interfaces

"Do not make the wheel" - Today most of the code and development projects in the Web are based on Framework - such as Bootstrap, Foundation or Bulma. Another Framework in this category is UIKIT.

An advanced design framework (a ready code that forms the foundation for creating your website or web interface), up-to-date, powerful, light-weight and beautifully designed.

The advantages of this Framework is that it contains countless components (gallery, tab menu, slider and more) that work smoothly, fast and spectacular on all devices. Framework is widely supported in various browsers.

I have a great control over this advanced Framework (this site built using UiKit), and can shorten your development time for you.

Key advantages


    Emphasis on mobile visibility of all elements
  • Flexbox Grid

    Advanced Grid for creating layouts and designs
  • Wide variety of widgets

    Gallery, slider, tab, accordion and more that work and look great on all devices
  • Modern and up-to-date code

    An extensive development community and a code that is updated frequently
  • Spectacular design

    Professional flat and clean design
  • Supports Hebrew

    Full RTL support (JS & CSS)
  • Animations

    Combination of animations and mouse transitions to create an innovative look



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