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The most recent development technologies

Development and construction of the most advanced technologies. HTML-CSS-JS is clean and semantic in combination with code libraries and recent industry highlights.Knowledge Content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Concrete5, Enduro-Node.JS, Webflow and more. Control of complementary topics such as site speed optimization,, and SEO IN PAGE.

Controlling a Responvie Web Design technique to create mobile-friendly sites according to Google's emphasis. W3C standard code - a great base for creating an accessible site that search engines understand better. Frequently updated on new innovations and technologies in the field.


  • Advanced Web technology

    Use of Web Frameworks and the latest technologies in the field
  • Responsive Desgin - Mobile Friendly

    Building responsive sites, that work great on mobile and desktop
  • Build sites in a variety of tools and levels

    whether it's a small site for Wix and a system that requires a management system such as Wordpress or Concrete5
  • Knowledge of design along with programming

    Allows me to provide you with a product that works well and looks good
  • Semantic and clean code

    Use Google's latest Recommendations in the field (Such and Website Speed optimization)
  • JS Widgets/Plugins

    Control Edge JS-Plugins - Galleries (Fancybox3, Photoswipe etc), Sliders (Owl, Swiper etc), dropdown and much more

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