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Elementor For Wordpress

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Front-end drag & drop page builder for WordPress

WordPress is the most widely used management system in the world. However, the system is very limited in terms of its design tools in a structured way. The additional power required for Wordpress comes in the form of plug-in (Install by click) - named Elementor. Elementor is a modern and innovative visual site-builder that is being used increasingly and changes the image in terms of the experience of designing the pages of the site.

The plug-in comes in a free version, and in a paid version you can enjoy all the widgets and add-ons that the plugin has to offer. With Elementor you can build home pages, posts, content pages, one-page, and more with a responsive, mobile-friendly design that looks contemporary and advanced and enjoys advanced technology in parallel with a user experience that is easy and easy to learn.

There is no longer a need for an endless "ping-pong" transition between the admin (the area where you manage the content of the site at the site) and the site itself (preview mode), all in the same place - easy and comport Zone. At the same time you can continue to enjoy all the power in WordPress (flexibility, excellent SEO, Easy to manage content, Data Security, Perfect tool for blogging, powerful plugins and more).

Key advantages

  • Full Control of the page structure

    Easy control of the design structure and the structure of the page
  • Pixel Perfect Design

    A complete design options for each widget & Element
  • Optimized for SEO

    SEO tools are built for search engines
  • A huge selection of widgets

    galleries, slider/carousel, forms, posts, navigation, and more
  • Responsive Design

    Full control over the visibility of the site in Mobile
  • Time & Development cost savings

    A large part of the site can be designed without graphic software and conversion of code design
  • Posts & Portfolio

    Full control over posts and projects
  • PreMade Designed

    PreMade Design and Layout usefull as "Started" for you project
  • Global Areas - Symbols

    DRY - Save your widget as a global widget (Footer, Nav, Sidemenu) - change once in the entire site