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Friendly system for building sites "without code"

There is no need to expand on the Wix system too much. This is the site builder without the most famous code in the world. The system is known for its user friendliness and actually allows with very little technical knowledge to build a website.

Over 110 million users - a huge variety of directories and extensions and all this at a relatively low monthly cost.

In the past there were a lot of complaints about the system in terms of promotion tools and its limitations in the creation of sites that are more than 2-3 pages, but over the years the system has improved and today can even manage with the system blog or small store and promote the site in Google properly with the right investment.

As a designer and developer of websites that knows many Website Builders And CMS - I can recommend you when to choose WIX - and give your site the look of a professional website - in combination with typography, brand colors and professional images that will jump your site level above.

I would like to point out that a closed system such as Wix (And similar competitors such as Weebly, Squarespace, etc.) has a lot of drawbacks to open source systems such as Wordpress or Drupal, with all the flexibility, code control. But Many benefits will outweigh the pitfalls.

Key Features

  • Extremely user friendly

    Easy and convenient system with minimal learning curve
  • Site Tree Management

    construction and creation of pages easily and conveniently
  • Manage Photos And Galleries

    manage and organize pictures and display them in gallery, slider and more
  • A wide Variety Of Plugins

    plenty of extensions and tools to improve the site
  • Built-in SEO Tools

    Title control, page description, H1-6, and more
  • Plenty Of Built-in Themes

    Which can be STARTER for your project
  • Excellent Product Support

    countless guides, videos, forums, chats and social networking groups to support your site
  • Competitive Price

    Competitive price in relation to the costs of storing a "regular" site or other page-builder systems for building sites
  • Site In A Click

    No need to Setup Host, install, compare prices and then purchase storage and all the behind-the-scenes operating part involved in creating a website in code
  • CMS / Blog management

    Managing articles and content with a uniform structure such as articles, recipes, etc.



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